Fish Tales

Slowly elements fall into place; the focus is fishing, an end event will take place in Sandy’s building – which was an old fish processing plant, the material: beach-combed ropes and nets.

fish taleIn March workshops with all age-ranges begin and in part include a feast on fish; ‘fish tales’ both true and tall: memories, imaginings and musings.

As one with no ‘fishing in the family’ I have no preconceptions what might be ‘dredged from the deep’. Though as fresh as yesterday is a memory from nigh 20 years past: on the metro of a land-locked country, deep underground, squeezed onto long bench seats, sits opposite me an ‘old boy’, bag agape between his knees, out the top of which pokes the unfeasibly large rear end of a fish, as we brake and accelerate between stations the tail flops this way and that, glinting with freshness and life on a dark morning…

About karenrann

Karen is a visual artist drawn to working from a sense of place
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2 Responses to Fish Tales

  1. Helen says:

    Very evocative. Looking forward to hearing how it unfolds.

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