Exhibition Statement

The exhibition consisted of 2 related installations:

The projected images that constitute Fish Tales come from drawings both in light and (Gairloch) sand created during workshops in the community. These reflect the importance of the sea in shaping the lives of local people. The accompanying sound piece relates stories, poems and reminiscences in such simple joys as a family fishing trip: catching lunch. The personal nature of the telling is sustained by having the tales unfold at whisper level; only heard by holding a shell to your ear.

[K]not Net. Through research into the fishing industry I realised the impact of the scale change from domestic to industrial, and the ‘improvements’ in increasing catch size including bigger, ‘better’, non-biodegradable nets.

A vision lodged in my head of a net so large and deep, strong and fine, that with one drag through water, it catches everything in its path, able to denude a whole sea of life. [K]not Net is my response: a net that cannot catch, more void than material, and within it the negative space symbolic of the missing fish.

It is made entirely from rope and net found washed up – amongst other plastic debris – on local beaches. Here is a ‘beauty and the beast’ scenario: wonderful colours and shapes, but with every tide more, and they will not degrade and disappear without intervention. [K]not Net aims to be part of a solution; raising awareness of the issues and clearing some of this debris in its creation.



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